RHY-D011B Cannabis Preheat Disposable Vape 1ml

Capacity: 1ml

Resistance: 1.4ohm

Intake hole: 4*1.6mm OR 2×1.7mm

Battery capacity:280mAh

Types: Type-C or Micro recharable

Coil: For CBD/THC/DELTA /LIVE ROSIN / hhc ,ect.

Features: preheating function + 3 levels of voltage regulation (2.4V 3.0V 3.6V)

RHY-D011B its a ceramic-coil-powered 1ml empty pod disposable vape pen. Featuring the most ingeniously integrated design – one button for activation, preheat and voltage adjustment, it is a second-to-none cannabis disposable vape for your seek of unrivaled vaping experience. 2 quick clicks for preheat, 3 quick clicks for voltage adjustment (Green: 2.4V; Blue: 3.0V, Red: 3.6V). A simple finger movement prevents you away from any clogging problems while providing you independent choice for your own taste preference. The 280mAh battery and Type-C charging port escort your vaping journey to the very last drop of the oil, regardless of whether you’re filling it with Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, HHC, live resin / rosin and more.


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