RHY-D014 Cannabis Disposable 1ml / 2ml

Capacity: 1ml and 2ml
Resistance: 1.4ohm
Intake hole: 4*1.8mm
Battery capacity:280mAh
Types: Micro recharable
Coil: Ceramic coil+Ceramic center (Dual airflow designs no block oils )

1. Anti-clogging, advanced dual airflow technology;
2. Easy 1-second-capping system;
3. Customizable color, oil-window shape and size, logo;
4. Big ceramic coil, big cloud, supreme taste;
5. 1ml 2ml available, optionally heavy metal free;

Other Features:
6. Medical-grade Eastman PCTG, corrosion proof;
7. Portable mini size;
8. Draw activated, simple to use;
9. Rechargeable.

Please make sure the silicone sealing piece is well attached inside the cap with no falling off, no curling, and no damage.

Please fill oil into the pod through the filling hole correctly, and make sure to cover the cap onto the pod within 30s after filling.
(Through the innovative design of our pods, when you cover the caps on by simply pressing, the silicone sealing piece is sealing onto the pod at the same time)

Note: the thinner your oil, or the hotter your oil is heated, the sooner you should cover the cap on(which is the key point to avoid leakage).

Please make sure the top silicone piece is well covered onto the cap, and store the entire pen in a cool and dry place away from light.

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